Social value policy

Social value policy

Our Social Value Policy is routed in our sustainability philosophy and core values: Economic, Social and Environmental. We apply our core philosophy to all areas of our business, our customers, our employees and all other stakeholders.

We foster a positive culture within our organisation that aligns with our philosophy by integrating the commitments and frameworks laid out in our Modern Slavery Policy, Equal Opportunities’ Policy, Privacy Policy and Environmental Policy.

To ensure we stay on track with our Social Value Policy objectives we will:

  • be accountable to our stakeholders and ensure we are taking responsibility for the role we are playing in their lives;
  • manage our activities to maximise the social value we are creating; and
  • develop organisational best practices around the way our activities create value through outcomes to stakeholders.

This policy addresses how we (Innovative Energy Consultants (IEC)) intend to implement our Social Value Policy strategies and initiatives to benefit the wellbeing of the wider community.

As the first industrial city, Manchester played a crucial role in developing the world we know today. We believe the characteristics that led to Manchester becoming the first industrialised city – innovation, community and sector-leading knowledge (to name just a few) – continue to be fostered in Manchester; they are the same characteristics needed to tackle the climate crisis. That is why we’re based here; we want to be part of the solution. We want to give back to the community to help make sure our city is best placed to continue leading the way, for the sake of our planet.

Our work aims to help businesses become inherently sustainable, and we recognise the importance of helping other businesses and charities who are also working alongside us to achieve the same thing. Afterall, climate change is a problem for us all, so, we should work together to resolve it.

Our core philosophy centres around economic, social and environmental wellbeing. To that end we will be supporting charities who focus on improving these core traits.

The chosen charities for 2022 are:

Trussell Trust (Economic): a charity that supports a nationwide network of food banks and provides emergency food support to those in need. The use of food banks has grown greatly since the Coronavirus pandemic and the Trussell Trust is doing vital work helping those in need access food, including 4.5 million children.

Inside Success (Social): a community interest company dedicated to providing opportunities for 16–24-year-olds. They tackle social issues, unemployment, crime etc by providing young people with the tools they need to grow professionally and personally.

The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester & North Merseyside (Environmental) – forming part of the Wildlife Trusts movement, it is the UK’s leading conservation charity, dedicated to all wildlife. They are the largest nature conservation body in the Lancashire, Manchester & North Merseyside area.

For every customer that we create a carbon footprint for we will be donating 1% of the value of all invoices paid on time to one of the three charities above. Each customer chooses one of the three charities to support in their Supply of Services Agreement.

We also make monthly donations to Sustrans and St Ann’s Hospice.

Sustrans is a charity that is working to make it easier for people to walk and cycle, most notably they are the custodians of the National Cycle Network – a UK wide network of traffic-free paths. Apart from being great for your health, walking and cycling help reduce the carbon footprint of both businesses and individuals!

St Ann’s Hospice helps people across Greater Manchester who are over the age of 18 and affected by life-limiting illness, they also support loved ones and careers.

Last updated 20/07/2022

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