Sustainability at the Strawberry Line Cafe and Cycle Line

Sustainability at the Strawberry Line Cafe and Cycle Line

The Strawberry Line Café and Cycle Line is a Community Interest Company dedicated to creating meaningful employment opportunities for adults with learning disabilities. The Café is based in Yatton and has been serving the community since 2010. In 2016, the Strawberry Line launched a cycle hire business offering traditional and adaptive bikes to make the gorgeous 9 mile Strawberry Line Cycle Route accessible to the whole community.

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The Strawberry Line Café and Cycle Line

As part of their sustainability journey, the Strawberry Line Café and Cycle Hire asked Innovative Energy Consultants, through our partnership with Future Leap, to perform a sustainability audit of their operations and an analysis of their carbon footprint.

We visited the site on a beautiful spring day in April 2022, we observed normal operations and assessed the building and equipment. We were able to identify some quick wins – e.g. adjusting the set points of freezers down to -18 degrees centigrade as this reduces electrical load without compromising food safety. We also helped move an ice cream freezer away from a radiator. This will reduce both the energy needed to keep the ice cream cold and the energy needed to keep the room warm.

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Simple Changes Make a Big Difference!

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