Saving the Planet and Money!

Saving the Planet and Money!

Engleburn Carehome Sustainability Audit

They had 3 core objectives:

  1. learn how to become more sustainable;
  2. create a Sustainability Policy; and
  3. create a Sustainability Action Plan.

Engleburn needed a Sustainability Policy and Sustainability Action Plan to support an application for financing they were making to a lender with a Net Zero 2035 Goal.

Sustainability Audit

IEC used billing data to estimate Engleburn’s Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions. The bill analysis revealed that Engleburn had been erroneously charged 20% VAT and the Climate Change Levy (CCL) on their energy bills.

IEC surveyed staff to understand waste management practices and modes of transportation used by staff to travel to work. We then visited Engleburn to observe day to day operations and inspect the building.  

We produced a report, which contained an executive summary that clearly stated the findings from the Audit and set out a suggested roadmap of measures that could be implemented to improve sustainability. These recommendations were accompanied by a cost-benefit analysis, weighing up the positive sustainability impact against the immediate cost.

Engleburn Sustainability Audit Waste Management

Sustainability Policy and Action Plan

The Audit formed the basis of the Sustainability Policy and Action Plan that IEC co-created with Engleburn’s management team. These documents incorporated the key recommendations made in the Sustainability Audit and set out a clear time frame within which to implement these measures.

Clean Energy Brokerage

IEC reclaimed over £40,000 in overpaid taxes from Engleburn’s energy suppliers and ensured that Engleburn would not pay these charges in future. We also sourced a competitive new gas contract made up of 25% biogas. This product balanced Engleburn’s sustainability commitments and budgeting requirements.

Key Outcomes

1. The Sustainability Policy and Action Plan were used to meet the prospective lender’s borrowing criteria.

2. Engleburn’s management used the clear information from the Sustainability Audit to implement operational changes to improve sustainability and reduce energy bills.

3. Over £40,000 of overpaid taxes were reclaimed.

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